Install and setting Prestashop eCommerce

How to install and setup Prestashop eCommerce

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an ecommerce content management system that helps you easily create, manage, and design an online store for free. It offers high flexibility when it comes to online store management. It’s super easy to set categories, create product pages, update stock, define product attributes, and more. All can be done through a simple navigation dashboard.

Installing PrestaShop

Log in to you control Panel at and find

Once login. From left panel menus select [My Great Way Auto Insatll App]

3. From Auto Insatll App menus

Step1) on left panel, select [E-Commerce] this will expend the E-Commerce menu

Step2) From E-Commerce submenu select [PrestaShop] to access PrestaShop window

Step3) From PrestShop window click on [install]. This will open software setup window


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